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                                          Easy AAP Software - $1995.00 

You receive:
Easy AAP Software (Workforce & Applicant Tracking)
Easy AAP 1 provides reports based on employee data with Visual Analytics. Easy AAP 2 provides reports based on applicant flow i.e. applicants, interviews, offers, hires, terminations and promotions with Visual Analytics.

Easy AAP Impact
Produces the Job Area Acceptance Range, the Adverse Impact Analysis Reports used by the OFCCP to discover disparate impact of employment activity using AAP 1 and AAP 2 data.  

Easy AAP Census 
Easy AAP Census 2010  prepares your 2 Factor "Composite Availability % " and Promotability. It's formatted with 487 occupational skills from your recruitment areas plus the United States. Seamlessly interacts with Easy AAP1 Software.  
Easy AAP Text
Provides the narrative portion of your affirmative action plan and Veteran's and Individuals with Disability narrative.  Runs in your word processor.     

Easy AAP Tools  
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Affirmative Action Plan Software to quickly manage your EEO/AAP requirements.
Easy AAP Software
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Easy AAP Software - C. Alexander & Associates, Inc.