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Easy AAP 1 Reports  - (Workforce)     
Listing of Jobs within EEO Job Categories
Work Force Analysis by Job Group
Internal Analysis by Hourly Rates
WorkForce Analysis by Job Title/Department 
WorkForce Utilization by Job Title /Job Group
WorkForce Compensation Analysis by:
Job Category, Job Group. Job Group by Sex 
Job Group by Race detail, Job Title , Department 
City of Residence Summary
Availability Analysis Report 
Utilization Analysis Report - Any Difference Rule
    80% Rule Utilization Analysis 
    Standard Deviation Utilization Analysis 
Goals and Timetable Analysis - Progress Towards Goal 
Employee Listing by Job Category
EEO - 1 , VETS-4212 Report 
EEO - 1 Component 1 & 2 With Pay Bands 
Individual with Disability and Veteran Reports 
Jobs Transferred To/From Higher/Lower Level 
Charts and Graphs (Visual Analytics)

Easy AAP Census  
Census Areas by Recruitment Areas
Employees by Feeder Groups
Employee Job Titles by Job Group
Feeder Groups by Job Group
Skills and Area by Job Group
Both Factors by Job Group
External Availability Detail
Promotability Detail 

AAP Text  
Table of Contents
Signature Title Page and Confidentiality Statement 
Statement of EEO Policy
Responsibility for Implementation
Identification of Problem Areas 
Development and Execution of Action Oriented Programs 
Audit and Reports to Measure Effectiveness 
Internal Workforce Analysis Reports
Relevant Recruitment Data and Availability Analysis Reports
Applicant Tracking and Audit Analysis Reports
Adverse Impact Reports
Veteran Affirmative Action Plan Document
Disability and Handicap Affirmative Action Plan 

Easy AAP 2 Reports​ - (Applicant tracking)
Transaction by Job Group 
  Applicant, Hire, Interview, Layoff, Offer, 
  Promotion, Recall from layoff, Termination,
  Trainee, Transfer in, Transfer out
Audit Analysis
Individuals With Disabilities Reports 
Protected Veteran Reports 
Source Report
Jobs transferred to/from higher/lower 
Charts and Graphs (Visual Analytics)

Easy AAP Impact
Job Area Acceptance Range (JAAR)
Concentration and Underrepresentation Report
Impact Ratio Analysis Worksheets
Adverse Impact Analysis of Hires 
Adverse Impact Analysis of Promotions 
Adverse Impact Analysis of Terminations 
Adverse Impact Analysis for Race Detail 
​EO Survey 

Easy AAP Software - C. Alexander & Associates, Inc.
Affirmative Action Plan Software to quickly manage your EEO/AAP requirements.
All reports required by the OFCCP and EEOC are preformatted + more